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Hardware: Most modern computers, regardless of operating system, have sufficient resources to run Mathematica, but if you're working on an older system it may be necessary to invest in a memory upgrade.

Software: Obviously, since these labs are web-based, you will need a web browser to read them. Make sure you've installed the latest version of Firefox, Explorer, Safari, or equivalent browser for your operating system. We have attempted to ensure that our site is fully compliant with all web standards, so you're free to use the browser of your choice.

Of course, Mathematica is also an essential part of using our labs. This is available commercially for well over a thousand dollars, but students may purchase various heavily discounted options either from the Delta College campus bookstore, or directly from Wolfram Research.

To lower costs to our program, students are requested not to use our on-campus lab printers for making print-outs of their lab work. Please save your work to a USB drive and take it home to print it. This can be done without a copy of Mathematica. A free program which can read Mathematica notebooks is available from Wolfram. It is called Mathematica Player, and is capable of displaying and printing notebooks, (though not of creating new content.)


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