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Solving Initial Value Problems
with Mathematica's Solver

Solve each of the following initial value problems using Mathematica.

  1. y″ - 6y′ + 9y = xe3x, y(0) = 1, y′(0) = 0

  2. y″ + 25y = cos(5x), y(0) = 0, y′(0) = 0

  3. y″ + 3y′ + 2y = sin(ex), y(0) = 0, y′(0) = 0

  4. 4y″ - 4y′ + y = ex/2(1 - x2)1/2, y(0) = 0, y′(0) = 0

Mathematica Question Click on the button provided on the left to switch to a fresh Mathematica document with the form of these problems already entered for you. Come back here to your browser when you are finished.

Mathematica Answer Welcome back! You may be wondering how well you did. Click on the icon on the left to see the answers you should have gotten. (Only the answers are given, so if you don't match our results you need to figure out what you did wrong.)

Hopefully you didn't encounter any insurmountable problems on any of the exercises you just completed. Let's finish up this lab with a few final comments...

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