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Applications of Differential Equations

A Suspended Wire

(continued from last page...)

We now consider a wire ten times heavier, i.e. with linear density of 5 lbs/ft, but still subjected to a horizontal tension of 40 lbs.


Produce the graph of the wire on the interval -5 ≤ x ≤ 5, still assuming that the graph passes through the origin with a slope of zero. Name your plot wire2plot, and force the graph to come out in blue.

Setting Things Up

I suggest that you do this new problem numerically rather than analytically, (though either method should work.) It is almost identical to the one we just did, so I'm not going to type out the commands for you—you can just look back at what we've already done if you need any hints. Obviously all that needs to be altered for this new graph is:

  • the name of the solution and the name of the plot
  • the value of w in the NDSolve command
  • the color used in the RGBColor command

So go back to Mathematica now, picking up where you left off, and enter the new set of commands needed to produce this new plot.

Welcome back. Let's move on to see what you should have gotten...

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