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Applications of Differential Equations

A Suspended Wire

(continued from last page...)

In your problems, you'll investigate the affect of tension on the shape of the wire, (so far we have kept it at a constant 40 lbs.) This time let's keep the linear density fixed at 1 lb/ft, and vary the tension.


Produce two new graphs:

  • one with horizontal tension of 10 lbs., and
  • the other with horizontal tension of 100 lbs.

Again, use the interval [-5,5], and assume that the graphs pass through the origin with slope zero. Name them wire3plot and wire4plot, and make them different colors. Finish up your comparison by making a combined plot using the Show command. Go to Mathematica now and try all of this.

Welcome back. Let's take a peek at what your picture should have looked like...

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