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Applications of Differential Equations

The Simple Pendulum

(continued from last page...)

A fairly long, slow session with Mathematica should have given you the following picture:

Comparison Plot

Well the solutions are certainly not too close this time--except at first. They seem to stay close until the y-values get relatively large, (about 1.5 this time compared to 0.3 last time), and then they split. In fact let's zoom in on the very first part of the curve to investigate the split. Redo the last graph, but change the domain to 0≤t≤0.8.

Go on! Get on over to Mathematica and re-render the graph. Come back here when you are done.

We'll see what you should have gotten on the next page...

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ODE Laboratories: A Sabbatical Project by Christopher A. Barker

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