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Applications of Differential Equations

Population Dynamics

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It's a little disappointing to note that national populations aren't always modeled well by either of our two models. European countries are some of the worst at abiding by these models, whereas countries in the Americas are some of the best. Can you think of an explanation for this difference?

We're going to repeat our analysis on Libya, a country in north Africa. I'll give you the first command to get the ball rolling:

libyacensus=Table[{k, QuantityMagnitude[CountryData["Libya", {"Population", k}]]}, {k, 1890, 2010, 10}]

Notice that I have renamed the variable into which the list of data-points is read to reflect the new country. I recommend that you do this with ALL your variable-names as you go through this analysis of the Libyan population. Also, the census data for Libya is only available starting in 1890, so make sure to modify all of your plotting commands to reflect this change.

On the next page I'll summarize the remaining steps you need to go through with the Libyan data...

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