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Applications of Differential Equations

Electric Circuits

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Exercises to Work by Yourself

Exercise A

We will now change our circuit only slightly. Leaving everything else the same, let's change the resistance to 100 ohms. In other words, your new specifications are:

  • inductance of 0.25 henrys
  • resistance of 100 ohms
  • capacitance of 0.001 farads

The same two initial conditions still apply:

  • I(0) = 0 amperes
  • q(0) = 1 coulomb

Now, using Mathematica, go through each of the steps we used to make our first graph again for this new circuit. Use overdamped as the solution variable this time, plot on the interval 0 ≤ t ≤ 1, and make the plot green.

Let's now go look at the picture you should have gotten...

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