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Applications of Systems of Differential Equations

Combat Models: Who Will Win The Battle?


Another interesting application of systems of differential equations is in the analysis of warfare between two opposing forces. We will consider three possible situations:

  1. The Guerilla Combat Model, in which the two opposing armies wage warfare by using guerilla tactics such as sneak raids on the opposition's base or ambush upon each other

  2. The Mixed Combat Model, in which a guerilla force is in conflict with an army employing conventional warfare methods

  3. The Conventional Combat Model, in which both armies wage war using conventional methods

In creating all three of the models, the general idea behind each model is to create an equation which accounts for the main components which contribute to the rate at which each army is changing. Such issues as the combat effectiveness of the opposing army, the occurrence of accidents, the failure of supply lines, and the rate of reinforcement may all come into play.

Without further ado, let's move on to the first of our analyses...

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