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Ordinary Differential Equations
Mathematica Laboratory

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  1. Mathematica Basics

    1. Mathematica Overview
    2. The Environment
    3. Arithmetic
    4. Using Variables
    5. Working with Lists
    6. Vectors & Matrices
    7. Algebraic Operations I
    8. Algebraic Operations II
    9. Functions
    10. Calculus Operations I
    11. Calculus Operations II
    12. Graphics I
    13. Graphics II
    14. Graphics III
  2. Differential Equations

    1. Creating Slope Fields
    2. Solving Differential Equations Analytically
    3. Solving Initial Value Problems
    4. Solving Differential Equations Numerically
    5. Solving Systems
  1. Initial Value Problem Applications

    1. A Suspended Wire
    2. The Simple Pendulum
    3. Population Dynamics
    4. Electric Circuits
    5. Compartmental Analysis
  2. Systems Applications

    1. Predator-Prey Problems
    2. Epidemiology Problems
    3. Combat Models
  3. Numerical Methods

    1. Euler's Method
    2. Heun's Method
    3. The Runge-Kutta Method

These labs were written for use with Mathematica, version 7. If you are using a different version you should find that most of the exercises will work with little or no change needed. Command inputs will usually be the same, while Mathematica's output may be different due to the fact that Wolfram Research continues to improve the software with each new release.

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